Friday, 11 January 2008

Well, I did say I'm interested in everything...

Since I've been moping for a couple of days, I made a list this morning of all the things I could do to occupy my time. Here it is:

When I'm bored...

Clean house

Super Mario Galaxy!

Write about PuTTY commands

LOTRO (although I'm pretty much over that)
Make shawl



Text Tie

Arm exercises
Chinese lessons (I'm writing lessons for Tie)

Email Borkn


Tidy my room



Email mum

Adjust my posture

Write blog

Watch David Attenborough DVDs

Creative writing

Go out

Email a friend

Finish Christmas cards

Go to the post office

Design project

Pixel Puzzles

Make lace

Yeah, I'll never be bored again. Just unmotivated. :P

I did the washing, time to go stretch and meditate for a little while. (Haven't done that in ages.)

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