Monday, 18 February 2008

I've been busy...

getting my life organised. It's taken some effort, but I'm really getting there :) Unfortunately, writing this blog seems to have fallen by the wayside. Probably because I keep procrastinating about what I wanted to write about.

Ahh well. Time to write about something else instead!

This evening I went for a walk around the neighbourhood, and came across a little Japanese supermarket. I wished I'd brought my purse with me (I'd deliberately decided not to) because they sell little tubs of green tea and sesame ice cream! I love Japanese ice-cream flavours.

They're an interesting east-west fusion - while green tea, black sesame, red bean, taro (a kind of purple very starchy turnip), lotus seed and lychee are traditional Asian flavours, dairy is not. Soy milk mixes are a tiny bit more common, but usually you see these flavours on their own - red bean paste or lotus seed paste in buns, red bean sweet soup, black sesame soup dumplings, taro cakes (often more taro, less cake, and no egg), lotus seed cake (ditto), lychee and green tea ice drinks, green tea jelly. But the Japanese have made them into traditional milk-and-egg-base icecreams, and they work really well. Black sesame is the hardest on western palates, but green tea and red bean work really well, and I assume taro would too.


Oh, and in an odd turn of events, I found out that the thing I was so angry about the other week ... I'd attributed to the wrong person. She had nothing to do with it. In fact, it was a guy, who doesn't know me that well at all. I know for a fact he resents me for something I refused once long ago, and I don't particularly care. So I don' t need to pay any attention! So much for the positive effects of anger. Someone mentioned that it gives you tunnel vision ... here, it seems it did.

Well, actually, maybe there have been positive effects after all. I have done a lot of stuff directly sparked by the thoughts I had that night, and none of them have been negative. I certainly haven't done anything to hurt anyone, or anything that I regret. I didn't go speak to her, or him. I have, on the other hand, started some projects which I'm sure, later on, I'll be really proud of. All because I was forced to get creative.

Okay, enough for now! Time to go have dinner.


  1. I agree with every word you say about anger. Not once have I ever found an episode of anger to be useful. It assumes too much, and disregards logic.

    On another topic, I will NOT email you to find out who you are. It's far more fun to work it out myself, given the speckled clues you leave in your writings. For example, you seem to have quite a knowledge of music, you know tacit76, and you're married. This actually eliminates a lot of people. I admit I suspected who you were, but this person was living with someone, but not married (and their neighbourhood is extremely unlikely to have a Japanese supermarket).

    Keep on writing, pleeeez.

  2. Ooh, this'll be fun! Difficult on both sides, though, especially given that we're not close friends. I don't really know what you'd know about me ... and then there's the chance that tacit76 might accidentally give it away, given he doesn't know about this game. Ahh well, good luck!

    And yes, you're right, I'm not the one with the baby girl.

    How'm I ever going to know if you ever find out, though? Please don't post it here.

  3. Of course I wouldn't! I've read your entire blog, and you have stressed quite clearly that you favour anonymity.

  4. Nooo! You gave it away. Where's the fun in that? Very pleased to know who you are, and very pleased to know some more about your personality and 'inner workings' so to speak.

    Nice to see you again after so long!

  5. Sowwy! I did that yesterday, before you started guessing, and I spent all day wondering if it was possible to take it back, and deciding not to hint that I might have given it away. Ahh well.

    And good to be back in touch! I'm definitely going to read your archives, and hope to catch up with you sometime!


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