Friday, 1 February 2008

Tea flavouring and random topics

Well, I'd been putting off posting here for a while. The reason is that there is a topic I really want to write about - have for a couple of weeks - but I don't quite know what I want to say. So every time I come here, I think 'I really should write about that conversation' but I don't know what to write, and I go away.

But I also want to practise my writing skills. I'm determined to post three times a week now - Monday/Wednesday/Friday if I can manage it. And I've just realised - it's okay to just come and write something else! If I can't think of anything, I'll look up a random concept from the dictionary and write about that. If nothing else I'll have learnt something. :P

But today I wanted to write about tea flavouring. My sister April brought me a bottle of Lychee Tea from a Chinese supermarket. It's really nice - tea mixed with lychee juice, and refrigerated. I love lychees, sweet and lovely to bite into, in a mini-explosion of juice. I haven't previously been an iced tea fan, but I could get used to this stuff. Probably not especially good for my water balance, but even if I have to drink extra water to make up for it, I think I can live with that.

Anyway, on the bottle it says 'Real brewed from tea leaves'. And that made me wonder ... why on earth would they need to put that?

I think they're trying to distinguish it from 'tea flavouring'. But who would bother with tea flavouring? Tea leaves have got to be one of the cheapest commodities around, I would have thought. (Maybe I'm wrong.) Wouldn't 'tea flavouring' be much more expensive? Lychee flavouring, that I can understand. The fact that this drink has real lychee juice in it does count as a selling point. But 'real brewed from tea leaves' ... not so much.

When I first thought about it, I wondered if you were only allowed to put 'real tea' if you had actual tea leaves in the drink and didn't take them out. That's not so cheap. But now that I look on the bottle, in the ingredients it says 'freshly brewed black tea'. That, and the original 'brewed from tea leaves' wording, tells me they took the tea leaves out.

So they're advertising the fact that tea leaves were involved. In a bottle of iced tea. Is that special?

Maybe I take things too much for granted.


  1. I hear ya girl. I wonder about a lot of what do they do to margarine to liquify it until it comes out of a squeeze bottle?

    Just what IS the government allowed percentage of bug bits in any given food?

    I only buy Hebrew National Beef hot dogs (or Vienna if I can find it) because I'm afraid of of any food that won't commit to an animal...meat hot dogs. Meat covers some area...doesn't it? They could be assorted penis parts for all I know.

    Tea? I don't know. I just make my own. Of course in Gogia, that means I brew tea bags and then make a half gallon of iced tea.


  2. Hehe.

    Margarine is made from vegetable oil in the first place, isn't it? Maybe they only solidify half of it?

    And I love hot dogs... but the ones you buy hot usually are too squishy, I'm guessing they have a high water content. So I buy Continental Frankfurts and eat them on bread with tomato sauce. And if a take-away shop has Kransky sausages ... mmmmmm!


Glad to hear from you!

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